7.2.1. Two Institutional best practices:


Best Practice – I


Title- “Skill Training for Vermi Composting” – Promote organic culture.

Initiation required: The college is located in rural area and the economy of the area is specifically based on agriculture. Hence, to promote the organic culture, the institution has started to provide training programme and production of vermi compost (organic fertilizer). People are more concerned about the organic product, therefore it is need of the hour to promote production of organic fertilizer in this area.


a) to promote organic culture in the area.

b) to produce organic fertilizer.

c) to create awareness about production of organic fertilizer by way of vermi composting.

d) to aware about various course programmes can opt by students after completion of graduation.


Evidence of success:

(i) 30 no. of students and 20 nos. of trainees from nearby area participated in the training programme

(ii) a profit of Rs. 5,000/- generated from selling of vermi compost.


Best Practice – II


Competitive Exam Training Progaramme:

Institutions cannot confine, itself only in course programmes. It should culminate avenues through which competitive skills of the students can be developed. As a mark of such institution has done an agreement with Career Solution, Tinsukia to provide training programme to students of the college.


(i) To develop Competitive skills of the students.

(ii) To aware themselves about different Competitive examinations held and at National level and State level.

Evidence of success:

100 nos. of students participated in the training programme out of which some students cleared competitive examinations at National and State level.