Principal's Column

Dr. Chaytanya Bora


Higher Education can be a curator for developing human values and improving human lives in society. A country becomes knowledge based, if higher education sector of that country becomes adequate and updated. India’s present Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER: 12% to 15%) reflects incomplete coverage, inordinate time leg, etc of higher education sector in India. To achieve the target of 30% Gross Enrolment Ration (GER) by 2020, we must have comprehensive database by initiating planning, policy formulation, research and development, quality assurance, technological up  gradation , etc in higher education. Moreover, it is high time for reorientation of India’s higher education system. Continuous correlation among the different stakeholders of higher education can furnish a new dimension to the education sector of India.
India’s higher education system has two different dimensions based on rural social system and urban social system. Both the dimensions have different challenges because of communication, economic, and social pattern. Therefore, sincere attempt should be made by the stakeholders of higher education to meet the challenges of both the dimensions of higher education differently. Otherwise, differences between rural and urban social systems will enhance day by day.
As a principal of Tinsukia Commerce College, Sripuria, Tinsukia, I have the commitment, dedication towards the uplift in social system of the surrounding areas of the college in general and all-round development of members of Tinsukia Commerce College Family in particular. It is high time to visualise the dreams of forerunners. Tinsukia Commerce College resolves to play the role of changing agent in the existing socio-economic system. By 2020, we are planning to utilize resources of the college optimally so that we can play the pivotal  role in uplifting the surrounding social scenario.

Dr. Chaytanya Bora