Vision, Priority and Thrust:


“Vidya Dadaati Vinayam

Vinayaad Yaati Patrattam”


Learning leads to humility, “Humility begets worthiness”. Our vision is to provide education that leads to generating humility and worthiness among the student fraternity. Considering the above vision statement, the institution is identifed following mission and goals:




The mission statement reads: Tinsukia Commerce College is committed to the cause of  empowerment of rural youth through access to education in general and to commerce education in particular, enabling them to develop as intellectually alive, socially responsible citizens ever ready for continuous personal and professional growth to inculcate social, moral and spiritual values. It is committed to provide wide range of professional and vocational courses besides conventional one for rural students to meet the changing needs. 

The Goals

The Goals spell out clearly the objectives based on the mission and vision which are to :
Provide access to higher education in commerce to people having a desire for education.
Provide job oriented education as well as to tender man making education.
Also to provide general education to rural and poor community of the society.